Flexible delineators NOVA

Flexible delineators NOVA are used for limiting the width of the road, signaling the change of traffic lanes or lane geometry, and overall increase the attention of all road users in hazardous areas.

We have developed NOVA from extremely elastic low-density polyethylene - there is no risk of breaking or tearing and at the same time they do not damage the vehicles if they pass over. Reflective strips provide 360 ° visibility at night.

Good solution for delineators when separating bike lanes , tram routes, entertainment and entrance of exit ramps at interchanges.

Before pedestrian crossings in combination with road marking, they restrict the parking of vehicles that block the visibility to pedestrians.

Extremely flexible and durable

Before pedestrian crossings

Bike lanes

Eco-friendly biodegradable cap

Separate road lanes

Parking equipment

We offer modern parking equipment that protects pedestrians, vehicles and infrastructure. All items are fitted with reflective parts for additional signalization at dark.

Speed bumps used as speed limiters for private roads and streets, gas stations, shopping malls or parking lots. Two colors - yellow and black and three sizes, depending on speed - 10, 20 and 30 km/h.

Rubber curbs for straight sections and also curves as they are very flexible along their entire length. They protect car tires from damage, create and signal traffic corridors.

Parking stoppers provide fast and secure parking, limiting the distance to danger and protecting vehicles and infrastructure from possible damage.

Angle and round column guards - made of soft and elastic material that protects from damage when parking.

Traffic separator barrier SHARK

Shark is an innovative traffic barrier that separates traffic in a temporary road signalization or when special transport corridors are needed.

They provide traffic safety when construction works are done near the road. Reflective film on both sides for use in the dark.

They are easy to move, making them also suitable for use in public events and sports events in urban environments .

Quick installation and easy fixing of traffic separator barriers one to other through brackets. Water tank and sand filler pocket for additional stability and rollover resistance.

Two sizes 1000x350x500 or 1200x500x700 mm

If you need Shark traffic separator barrier for a certain period of time - contact us for rent and lease conditions .

Separation of road lanes in temporary road signalization

Public events with audience

Bicycle lanes

Ecological made from 100% biodegradable material

Flexible traffic cones

Traffic cones made of soft and flexible PVC plastic for maximum durability and designed to be used in harsh conditions . They retain their elasticity, even at low temperatures, do not break when hit hard, and get back to their original shape.

The soft material minimizes the possibility of damage if a car passes over them.

Two type of base - light or heavy-reinforced for rollover resistance.

Available in four sizes - 300, 500, 750 and 1000 mm. All come with reflective strips - class I or II for perfect visibility in the dark.

Extremely flexible and durable

Eco-friendly made from 100% recycled materials

360° reflective

Different colors and possibility to add logo or label

Resilient to cold winter conditions


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