Anti-skid marking

Long-lasting 4mm thick permanent road marking that we apply on the road surface to increase the skid coefficient and significantly reduce the braking distance in extreme situations. At the same time it is able to withstand high traffic and has an operating life equal to that of the top layer asphalt pavement.

Applicable for increasing road safety in high-traffic sections, before pedestrian crossings, combined traffic areas with cyclists and areas, in which children are a significant part of pedestrian traffic.

The bright color enhances the driver's attention and warns for a hazardous section of the road and also helps for traffic calming.


Before pedestrian crossings

Bike lanes

Near schools or kindergartens

Steep slopes and dangerous curves

Paving road marking

Highly resistant innovative road marking especially for paving, including granite paving stones. It is about 4 mm in thickness, with additional leveling layers to ensure a firm connection with the base.

Маркировката за павета е изключително устойчива на износване, благодарение на разположените в нея мрежи от стъклени влакна.  

Appropriate to use in historic city centers where pedestrian traffic is often prevalent and a durable solution is required to mark pedestrian crossings.

Fast recovery of traffic within 10 minutes after marking is applied.


Pedestrian crossings

Symbols and letters

Paving and cobble stone or asphalt surface

Tempered glass road studs

Used in combination with the road marking to separate lanes for traffic, parking and bus lanes.

Made of durable tempered glass that is not matted by the passing of tires and has a 5 year warranty against breakage when our installation is complete.

Some of the most dangerous driving conditions are in the night while raining when the road marking becomes invisible. In such cases the road studs continue to reflect the light and signal the road lanes.

They are suitable for signalization on roundabouts, pedestrian or bicycle crossings and islands on the road carriageway.

5 year warranty

360° reflective

Resilient to winter conditions

Temporary road marking tape

Temporary road marking tape provides retro-reflective signalization during repair works, reconstruction or rehabilitation. It is applied to asphalt surfaces or other bitumen-free pavements, which are treated with primer just before application.

The tape is inserted manually or with a roller applicator and removed by heating it with a gas torch. It is well suited for temporary traffic organization with stages since it leaves no trace on the road surface after removing it.

Also suitable for STOP lines, arrows, or other road marking elements.

The length of the roll tape is 100 m

Fast application and removal

Leaves no trace on the road surface after removal

Roll length 100 m

Yellow or white


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