Securing a pedestrian crossing in Sofia


September 2019


Parking right in front of a pedestrian crossing is extremely dangerous because it limits the visibility towards the people crossing. Especially in areas where pedestrian traffic is high and consists of many children. Generally, the road marking prohibiting parking is not respected and is insufficient to solve this problem.

The pedestrian crossing on Al. Stamboliiski blvd. and Osogovo str. in Sofia is part of the pedestrian route to the Mall of Sofia, a school and two kindergartens. Accidents with pedestrians offer occur, mainly because of the limited driver visibility of drivers and braking too late.

To improve road safety, Sofia Municipality have restricted parking before the pedestrian crossing with flexible NOVA, serving as a delineator, separating the non-parking area. They have outstanding durability - there is no danger of breaking or tearing and at the same time they will not injure a car if they have to pass over.

We have also applied red anti-skid marking on both sides of the pedestrian crossing to increase the coefficient of adhesion and reduce the braking distance in extreme situations.