Road safety education playground in St. George school


August 2019


Children are the most vulnerable group of road users and we, parents, teachers and drivers, are responsible for their safety on the street.

Young children are not aware of the dangers that are on the road, and in the absence of education, teens are sometimes consciously seeking them. The goal of road safety education is to improve the thinking and behavior of children to protect not only themselves but also all road users.

Children understand best through hand-on exercises , personal experience and imitation. And what better environment to do this in than a colorful and fun playground full of games?

We made the St. George school road safety education playground with long-lasting thermoplastic material so that children can have a great time with bikes and tricycles< / strong> as they learn the traffic rules. It includes a variety of basic situations represented by colorful colors, such as intersection advantage, roundabout, pedestrian crossings, no overtaking area, parking spaces, etc.